Mini-Session 6: My Child, Media, and Technology

Josefina Bojorquez

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In this session, parents will be informed and encouraged to embrace media and technology to prepare their children to succeed in the digital age. Parents will also learn how to identify quality media choices, serve as good role models, use developmentally appropriate media and technology with children 0-5, and ensure technology serves as a tool for reaching educational goals. Guidelines, as well as the challenges and fears about technology will also be addressed.

Popular Saying: The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.

As a result of this session, participants will:

  • Reflect upon the world’s transition into the digital age, how technology is used in classrooms and throughout one’s daily life.
  • Understand the positive media and technology, while still keeping in mind the need to set limits, be a good role model, and ensure the healthy development of their children in all areas.
  • Take key lessons learned from past sessions and apply them to the use of technology with their children – learning happens through two-way interactions and it happens anywhere at any time.
  • Be able to identify quality media choices for their children, using websites and applications that review media and provide guidance for parents.
  • Understand how relevant technology is in reaching educational goals in our digital world, as it´s needed for students to complete school assignments and for students and parents to access grades and other reports.


In just a few short years, much of the world has transitioned into the digital age. One of the most common sights these days is to see people in public spaces using their smart phones. It’s just another sign of the times. What used to be done with paper and ink is now completed on computers, cell phones and tablets. While some of us may be nostalgic for the device-free past, one thing is clear – the future will bring an even greater reliance on technology.

It can be challenging as parents who didn’t grow up with the technology their kids have access to, but they have to keep in mind that our children don’t have their wisdom. Families can capitalize on their strong family bonds to learn about technology together. Research shows that parents are more open to learn about and use technology when they can do so with their family.

Technology can be a positive force in society, and people can benefit from it in many ways. It provides access to a world of resources and information, can fill in gaps in children’s learning experiences, and it is the engine providing the jobs of today and the future. It´s important for parents to have knowledge of and experience with the digital world themselves so that they can provide the guidance that their young children need.

Brain development happens when children are engaged in two-way, back and forth interactions with another person. Children can learn to harness the power of technology when they use it with their parents. Sitting down and using technology together is critical practice with young children. Parents need to be actively involved in guiding and overseeing how their children use their time. This may mean that parents will need to set limits on time spent with technology and provide a balance of online and offline activities.

The wise use of technology by parents and children can help to close the gap between how well low-income and higher-income children do in school. But websites and applications should be co-selected by the parent and the child to make sure that they are truly educational and expand the child’s interests.