AP/OD Online Course Bundle Package for Certified 3rd Edition Facilitators


  • If you are purchasing the package for a certified facilitator please provide their NAME and EMAIL where it states Order notes” when checking out so they can receive access to the courses. 
  • If you have any questions about the courses or need to verify your certification please contact Daisy Castañeda at dcastaneda@ap-od.org or 213- 346-3250.

This bundle package includes access to the following courses:

  1. Virtual Learning Facilitation Tips & Strategies 
  2. Virtual Practices on Outreach, Recruitment and Retention 
  3. Effective Practices for Facilitating the AP/OD Program Virtually

Please see below to learn more about each course 


This bundle package is only available to AP/OD Certified 3rd Edition facilitators.

The bundle package includes the following courses:

VIRTUAL LEARNING FACILITATION TIPS & STRATEGIES – Using principles of popular education as well as adult learning facilitation skills, participants in this course will expand their virtual learning skills. Virtual learning possesses new challenges as well as opportunities that impact the learning process in children and adults. The intent of the course is to further affirm the participant’s confidence, expertise, and knowledge base with an expanded set of abilities and attitudes to improve their virtual facilitation skills.   Click here to learn more about the course ←

VIRTUAL PRACTICES ON OUTREACH, RECRUITMENT AND RETENTION – This interactive training will support participants in developing a community of learning for the families they serve by implementing effective strategies in outreach, recruitment and retention for the successful virtual implementation. The training uses core principles embedded in AP/OD and current virtual learning practices.  Click here to learn more about the course ←

EFFECTIVE PRACTICES FOR FACILITATING THE AP/OD PROGRAM VIRTUALLY – This course supports the virtual implementation of the AP/OD program. It provides virtual implementation tools will save you the time to help you focus on your facilitation with families. This includes: Access to updated bilingual session guidelines & bilingual customizable PowerPoint presentations for all 10 sessions + a bonus Orientation session to guide your virtual implementation of the program. The course also includes an interactive video presentation.

  • Access to virtual implementation guides & PowerPoints. This includes:
    • Virtual Implementation Facilitator Guides for Sessions 1-10. Each session includes updated instructions to support and guide the virtual implementation of the program.
    • A PowerPoint presentation is provided for each session.
    • Bonus session – newly incorporated Orientation session is included.
    • Available in English and Spanish
  • Recorded video presentation of a virtual AP/OD model session & reflection: 45 mins
    • Participants will have the opportunity to view several examples of virtual AP/OD model sessions being implemented by our national trainer Silvia Esqueda and other certified AP/OD facilitators. After viewing the presentation, participants will gain effective popular education facilitation skills that will strengthen their virtual program presentation.
    • Participants will also have access to a reflection handout to assess their own facilitation skills when implementing the program virtually.