Tackling Coronavirus (COVID-19) Together: RESOURCES FOR FAMILIES



The COVID-19 pandemic is a challenge unlike any that we have faced in our lifetime. We know this is a time of great uncertainty and anxiety for families and communities across the world. To help ease the stress and isolation during these times of physical distancing and quarantine we have developed a list of helpful resources for organizations and families.

In addition, below are helpful ways to teach children about the virus, keep your family engaged with learning activities, and best practices for staying healthy.

We'll be updating the list of resources regularly, so check back soon.

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How To Talk to Your Children About COVID-19

As the situation evolves, it’s important to keep your children aware of what’s happening. Using time together at home as a teaching opportunity will not only reassure your family, but provide moments for learning and connection. 

  • Reinforce their sense of safety and routine
    • Encourage physical exercise, play, and other diversions that help kids relax and unwind
    • Monitor how much news or media they are seeing; if watching the news, watch it together and talk about it afterwards
    • Develop a routine at home during times of social distancing and quarantine that provides structure and consistency to help children’s anxiety and give a sense of control
    • More great tips on identifying signs of stress here
    • Another great article from PBS Kids: How to De-Stress During the Coronavirus
  • Teach health safety and make cleaning fun
    • Make hand washing and sanitizing a shared ritual

    Make Hand Washing Fun

    Here are some great resources for making hand washing fun:

    In solidarity

    Our diligence as a community is critically important to help stop the spread of the COVID-19. By keeping our families safe, informed, and reducing stress we can ensure this situation is mitigated swiftly and effectively.

    At this moment each of us is called to step forward and do our part to support each other and to lead amidst the chaos and uncertainty. We will respond without fear and panic but with compassion, and courage, and solidarity. We are fortunate for your support and we are grateful to be in community this partnership with all of you as we continue to move forward together.