Community Trainer-of-
Facilitators Membership

The Abriendo Puertas/Opening Doors (AP/OD) Trainer-of-Facilitators model is intended to engage the AP/OD National Trainers in coaching new trainers to get certified as AP/OD Community Trainer-of-Facilitators (ToF). A ToF partnership can build on your current organizational goals in family engagement through certified facilitators in your community. Our current ToF Partners have trained over 300 AP/OD 3rd Edition facilitators to serve families in their communities.

What is the Goal for the ToF Membership Model?

The main goal of the AP/OD ToF model is to prepare and support AP/OD core implementing partners for the role of a Community ToF Member. AP/OD National will offer a suite of services to ToF member organizations that consist of training and support to grow their number of certified 3rd Edition facilitators. Additionally, the ToF model aligns with organizational goals by helping to advance:

  • Professional development for your trainers
  • Increased support to measure your impact/outcomes
  • Increased access and discounts for AP/OD facilitator trainings and materials
  • Connection to a national network of AP/OD ToF members and facilitators

Who Qualifies to be a Member?

Family-serving agencies that:

  • Have established connections to families with children ages prenatal to 5;
  • Have a network that reaches at least 250 families annually;
  • Have demonstrated a positive organizational reputation within their local community as an AP/OD partner for at least 2 years;
  • Commit appropriate number of staff and time to provide the AP/OD 3rd Edition Facilitator Certification training annually;
  • Comply with the ToF Implementation Agreement (each ToF Implementation Agreement will be tailored specifically for each organization);
  • Ensure staff certified comply with the AP/OD Facilitator Implementation Agreement Ability to enter into an annual ToF membership agreement with AP/OD
  • Have staff with advanced training and facilitation skills of adult learners to meet requirements to become a certified AP/OD Community ToF (see qualifications below)
    • AP/OD Community ToF Trainer Qualifications:
      • Be a certified AP/OD 3rd Edition facilitator
      • Successfully facilitated 2 AP/OD program cycles of the 3rd Edition to parents/caregivers in their community (1 program cycle is equal to 10 sessions)
      • Able to commit to attending and completing the AP/OD ToF Institute in person
      • Familiar with utilizing the AP/OD Program Evaluation Tools
      • Recommended qualification but not required: Bilingual in English & Spanish

Membership Benefits

  • Grow staff capacity - increasing the number of certified AP/OD facilitators annually
  • Flexible scheduling - certifying staff internally to meet your needs and schedule
  • Reduce national registration fee cost
  • Increase the number of families impacted to help reach your organizational goals for family engagement
  • Growth & leadership development for your trainers

Membership Options

AP/OD National has 3 available membership options to choose from. Each option offers a suite of services to ToF member organizations that consist of training and support to grow the number of certified 3rd Edition facilitators. Should your organization require or need additional features please contact Daisy Castaneda at

Additional costs to consider

  • Curriculum kits for facilitators (2 options available)
    • Digital Curriculum Kit costs $600 (per kit) - 1 set of the AP/OD Loteria and the AP/OD Count with Me Loteria in English and Spanish, and digital access to the 3rd Edition Curriculum content files in English and Spanish
    • Printed Curriculum Kit costs $1000 (per kit) - each kit includes one of the following: printed copies of the 3rd Edition Curriculum in English and Printed welcome card, AP/OD spiral notebook, AP/OD Post-it book, AP/OD pen, AP/OD tote bag, AP/OD polo shirt, 1 set of the AP/OD loteria and the AP/OD Count with Me Loteria in English and Spanish, Access to the 3rd Edition Curriculum Content files in English and Spanish
  • Individual Trainer Certification: $2,500

**Prices above are valid for 30 days and are subject to change

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If your organization is interested in becoming a Community Trainer-of-Facilitators or learning more please complete the following form:

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